TVW miniatures was started as an extension to my model railroading hobby interests in the early 90's. at first my products were of the electronic nature with the development of a walk around throttle with memory and a functional automatic block signal controller,. the development of functional three color SA type target signal head came shortly after . several of the products manufactured and installed in the 90's are still in operation and fully functional today.

I became interested in DCC in 2000 after attending the train show in Springfield, Mass. I have done many installations since then for myself and others involved. I do the installations that many shops turn away as being too difficult or not possible. I enjoy the challenge of doing sound installations in locomotives with little or no room.
The laser part of the business came into being in 2000 after attending a machine tool trade show for my employer. After watching a few demonstrations on the use of these lasers I was hooked. The company purchased and with my position as a plant engineering technician (now retired) Being placed in charge of maintaining several industrial lasers for this major US manufacturer.
Also a life long interest in all things mechanical and architectural has been a major driving force in the development of some of my products for the model railroading hobby. I also do many projects in the craft and doll house hobbies.

My other interest includes the history of the industrial revolution, furniture making, computers and traveling.